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– I love a Lassie Jewellery –

Hello ladies !!!

It is always good to have a nice piece of jewellery to wear, specially when the piece is classy and delicate.

I love a Lassie have the most classy, elegant and delicate pieces ever.
As everyone knows, I love Bows and when I saw this String Bow Necklace I immediately wanted it.
It is one of my favorite pieces, this collection of hand tied knots and bows is inspired by the piece of string Grannie would tie around her finger when she had something important to remember.
This clever take on a knotted string bow, cast in solid silver, hangs from a short chain.

Please take a look on their website www.ilovealassie.uk.com/product/string-bow-necklace/ and don’t forget to use the LASSIE15 DISCOUNT CODE.


Solid sterling silver, Product code: STN01

Photo 24-11-15 4 05 10 PM

Photo 24-11-15 1 11 48 PM



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